frequently asked questions

Why do eggs come in different colors?

The color of an eggshell is determined by the breed of the chicken. An individual hen will produce a very similar looking egg each time she lays.

The shade of a hen’s earlobe can help predict the color of her egg. a Hen with red earlobes lay brown eggs, and those with white earlobes lay white eggs.

Some breeds, such as Ameracaunas or Easter Eggers, can lay eggs in various shades of blue, green or pink.

what do you feed your animals?

We have our animal’s diets custom-milled by Mule city Specialty feeds located in Benson, NC.

All our feeds are made with Non-GMO ingredients and are soy-free.

We also supplement our pigs and poultry with spent brewers grain from Wrightsville Beach Brewery and excess produce from our garden.

Our sheep and goats primarily forage for their own feed through grazing, and we provide them with hay and alfalfa in the winter when grass is scarce.

Can I come visit your farm?

We do occassionally allow visitors to come tour our farm, but by appointment only.

Please do not show up unannounced, as we are likely busy working and typically have several dogs running around the property.

If you would like to visit Please email or phone us first to set up a time.