Taste the Difference


We believe diversity is essential to a functioning ecosystem, so we incorporate a variety of species in our rotational system. This means we are able to offer a wide assortment of choices to our customers. Our ethical and sustainable practices shine through in the exceptional taste and improved nutritional value of our products. Learn more about how we do things and follow the links to see what we have available for order.


Forest-Raised Pork

We raise an American bred heritage hog called the Hereford, named for its red and white markings that resemble those of Hereford cattle. We raise groups of littermates together to reduce stress from weaning and allow them to have an active social life. Our pigs occupy large areas in the woods, living much like their wild cousins. They forage on everything green, root for goodies under the forest floor, dig wallows and build nests to sleep in. This helps us manage and rejuvenate our wooded land by clearing out dead matter and weeding out invasive species. We supply them with a Non-GMO, Soy-free feed, supplemented with spent brewers grain from a local brewery.

Pasture-Raised Lamb

Our flock of Katadhin sheep are moved daily to fresh pasture, allowing them to make the most efficient use of the diverse vegetation our land has to offer. This method of intensively managed rotational grazing minimizes the impact on the land and greatly reduces the animals' exposure to parasites or disease. Our lambs are born and raised their entire lives on our farm and are even allowed to stay with their mothers to minimize stress as they grow. They feast on fresh grass and other vegetation for most of the year, supplemented by hay and alfalfa in the winter and spent brewers grain during lambing season. We lamb in early spring so that our lambs can benefit from lush summer grasses while they grow, producing a beautifully rich, flavorful meat.



Pastured Duck Meat or Eggs

A rare treat in our area, we are pleased to offer delectable pasture-raised duck. We raise small batches of Pekin duck, valued for their particularly tender and plentiful meat. Fed a Non-GMO, Soy-Free diet and rotated daily on pasture, our ducks spend their days lounging in their pond or burrowing in the dirt for slugs.

We also raise a mixed flock of egg laying ducks. These are rotate around our forested land where they have access to a large pond. While we do provide them with nest boxes, we still have to search around in the leaves for some of the eggs as these ladies like to hide them. Occasionally we see them stretching their wings and taking a flight around the farm.

Pasture-Finished Rabbit

We raise rabbits year round on a Non-GMO, Soy-Free diet and finish them on pasture in order to produce some of the most sustainable meat available. Our rabbits are born and raised on the farm to ensure they have the highest quality of life with the least amount of stress possible. Once babies are weaned they are moved to our homemade rabbit “tractors” which are rotated around the pasture daily, allowing them to forage on fresh green grass until they are old enough to harvest. This lean white meat is a favorite among the health conscious as it contains almost no fat. Rabbit can be prepared any way you would cook a chicken (roasted, fried, braised, etc.) although the delicate meat has a far more complex flavor.



Pastured Chicken Meat or Eggs

Our chickens spend their days joyfully foraging for bugs and plants as we rotate them around our pastures. Not only are they able to meet up to 25% of their nutritional requirements this way, but they also help to control weed and pest populations. And all that fresh vegetation in their diet means their eggs contain a higher percentage of beneficial Omega-3 fatty acids and have rich orange yolks. Our mobile coop is moved twice daily in order to spread their manure evenly and fertilize the soil so that even healthier growth can emerge. We supplement their diet with a custom milled, Non-GMO and Soy-Free feed, never give them any antibiotics or added hormones, and we never use any pesticides or chemical fertilizers anywhere on our property.

From The Garden

Although it is small, our market garden produces a bevy of delicious vegetables and leafy greens to accompany our fine meats. Our animals take turns spending time in the garden between plantings, which means the soil benefits from all those different types of fertilizing manure. When it comes time to till it the pigs are the perfect team for the job, as they will root around for anything we’ve left behind. In return they are the primary beneficiaries of all the excess produce we grow. While we are not certified organic, we do adhere to organic standards and never use any type of chemicals on our plants.


Red-Tailed-Farm-120 (1).jpg

Heritage pastured Turkey (Nov-Dec Only)

For the Holiday season we offer Heritage Bourbon Red Turkeys, raised on pasture and processed by hand right here on the farm. These hearty birds are excellent foragers and love the freedom to find their own food. They are rotated to fresh grass daily in our homemade turkey tractor, as they follow the grazing sheep and goat herd, allowing them to break up the manure and eat any bugs left behind. We also feed a custom milled Non-GMO, Soy-Free diet in order to produce the most flavorful and juicy meat possible.